Young Turks’ Revolution for Pakistan - By: Saeed Qureshi

Pakistan is in the dire need of a group like legendary Young Turks who spearheaded and carried forward the reformist movement (1889-1908), paving way for Turkey to shape up as a modern, secular and liberal state.

Posted On: May 22, 18 | 5:32 am

It’s Young Star PakistanVs Careem KSA in Centre Systems BBCL Season 2 Final - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil

Young Star will lock horns with Careem KSA in the Centre Systems BBCL Season 2 Middle East Asia Cup 2018 Final at BMT Grounds, Bani Malik on Saturday.

Posted On: May 16, 18 | 6:10 am

LIVE: Many People Killed in Banaras Flyover Accident: By Emit Post Staff - Highlights Forwarded By: Balbir Singh Sooch

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency got a big accident on Tuesday evening in Varanasi.

Posted On: May 16, 18 | 5:24 am

President Masood Khan Delivers Inaugural address at the Capitol Hill, Washington D.C - BY: Fateh Chaudhri

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in his address at the day-long event of the Pakistani American Congress expressed the hope that....

Posted On: May 12, 18 | 6:19 am

19 declarations removed from Nomination Forms for Election 2018 - BY: Nizami Khaled

Those contesting in the 2018 general elections would no longer be required to declare their Iqama (work permit) in their nomination forms and...

Posted On: May 11, 18 | 6:12 am

Such Tou Yeh Hai - BOOK Review - By: Zafar Iqbal Rawana

The political history of Pakistan is replete with colourful narratives, political events, movements and ideas yet turbulent , characterized by martial laws, inefficient and corrupt civil ...

Posted On: May 11, 18 | 5:17 am

Academicians Slam Modi's 'Prolonged Silence' on Kathua, Unnao Rape Cases -

Expressing solidarity with the civil servants who held Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the “terrifying state of affairs”...<

Posted On: May 07, 18 | 6:49 am

A Proposal for the Developmental Budget 2018-19 - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

The budget 2018-19 fiscal year has been proposed and a lot of discussion is taking place in the TV talk shows highlighting various aspects of the budget.

Posted On: May 07, 18 | 6:48 am

Pakistani Girl wins State Department’s Emerging Young Leaders Award - BY: Fateh Chaudhri

The US Department of State honored 10 outstanding young leaders from around the world, including Dania Hassan from Pakistan in recognition of her efforts to promote positive social ...

Posted On: May 04, 18 | 12:43 am

Press Release : Story of Encounter is a bundle of lies

Massacre in Gadchiroli district of India and Dancing on Dead bodies is Inhuman

Posted On: May 02, 18 | 1:30 am
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